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Since it has come to my attention that there is an issue regarding my maternity defaults, I have been testing to lower down what is causing female teens to not age up.

So far on maternity default testing has shown that when you are

  • Using half of them in game caused the teen female sims to age.
  • Using all of them in game caused the teen not to age.
  • Using nude top and nude bottom default causes issue.

Conclusion as of now is that you cannot use all the defaults in the game. The game appears to need some basic clothes for your teen to age into.  Please pick which outfit you want your Sims to keep throughout their pregnancy and make sure when selecting files that you leave out some outwear/swimwear/everyday/extra. Therefore, your townie sim has enough clothes in each category to age into.

Hidden/career outfit also have an issue being selected when your in career and going to work. On selected loads it’ll pick the career outfit and other it’ll pick a random one. (when pregnant.)

Lucky all my maternity default are separated files so you can choice which outfit you want. And hidden outfit are in a separate sub-folder in the downloads.

(this info has been added to the Interaction / issues (click to read) which the link is found each download page)

Hi! I seem to have the same issue as someone else; the teen females in my town can't age up. I realised the issue started when I started using your maternity overrides, so I tried taking them all out and the issue was fixed instantly. Then, I tried taking out the nude top and bottom, as you suggested, but unfortunately that broke is again - I'm worried that I can't have any of the overrides.. :/ I have them in my overrides folder, merged. Any idea what could be causing it and how to fix it?

I have yet to run into this issue myself so it’s hard to pinpoint what it is when I have yet to create the issue. Might have just never notice.

  • Did you also check to make sure you didn’t have nipple tops in?
  • However, when you removed the nudes top did you delete all cache and clean up game?Sometimes i notice on the other cc you have to wait a few sims hours to reset. I believe the game reset at 5am or 1am. (you can turn off town aging until after the reset hours)
  • Do you have a mod that allows maternity for teenagers?

I might not be having the problem do to that fact that I created a new game before using them. I also don’t have all the maternity items in, as some I think would be odd to have.

  • You can try package folder as where I put them all when I took all those pictures. A few people say that the preg sim didn’t show belly but you could go into Nrass/CAS and hit save again and the belly show up. At least it did for me when the belly wouln’t show up.

I’m not really sure where took look into this, as I said I’m not having this issue. So it does make me think that a conflict is somewhere. And perhaps dashboard isn’t showing the conflict.

I’ll end up testing it later by creating a new game without the mods installed and then throwing them in after about 3 sims days.



11.22 - *So far I’m having the issue of town sims not aging when using all of the tops and bottoms enabled for maternity.

I adore your default maternity wear, but I've been having some issues--whenever it comes time for my female teens to age up, they keep resetting instead. The only fix is to take out your default maternity files, and then they'll age up, no problem. Dashboard says I have no CC conflicts, even with your files in, so I don't know what's going on. Has anybody else approached you with this problem?

I’d just sent you an ask about an issue with your maternity default replacements and my female teen Sims aging up: I isolated the issue to the nude top and nude bottom replacements from the Base Game. I’ve no idea why those two files are causing problems in my game, but I just thought I’d let you know!

No one has told me so. I assume you have them in override, cause I can see aging being an issue in package folder. 

Odd though as Cmar has default for the nudes. On those you can’t use any of the nipple default replacement. Perhaps that’s the issue. Other than that I don’t know as the nudes are made the same way as the other ones.

(Hopefully if someone has issue the can just removed my nudes and try Cmar. Though I believe our belly size are different.)

Sims 4 been out for a while now and for those who have played it, does the pros out ways the con or is tied down the middle?



Hey, remember this picture? Palletport is a small island world I made for a speed-run three or four months back.  It is VERY small, but has a handful of residential lots up to 20x20, and community lots that require rabbit hole rugs. I plan to release it fully equipped with community lot buildings, so you could just jump in and play with minimal setup. Also, it’s pretty! :]

However, there’s something more important to say. A fellow simmer in our community, loobyloucreations, is in need of support. She is looking forward to getting a motorized wheelchair (as she cannot move her manual wheelchair by herself), and a fold-up portable ramp. These things will help this sweet girl get her independence back.

If you have any spare change, please donate to fellow simmer Hayley’s GoFundMe HERE. You will be making a huge difference to a girl’s life and comfort.

This download will unlock when Hayley reaches her next donation milestone (£1500). When that happens, I will update this post with a download link ASAP. Go, Hayley!


Thank you, everyone!  Every like, reblog, every creation, and every donation large and small, they all help!  We are getting there together!  

Hayley’s GoFundMe        The Simmer Campaign New Wheelchair