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Hello) Your sliders excellent ) Could you make a slider which makes thinner neck ? Or sliders for greater diversity of body. Just in Sims 3 is not enough different sliders body for women

Neck Sliders

Diversity of body?


asymmetrical Sliders (uneven) by OneEuroMutt


Wanting to make comic book characters again. However seeing how there’s no real-life characters for most of DC’s bat family I’m looking at images of different art work (from the Comics) and piecing them together.

Photos Refs - 1 2 3 4 (can’t find links of other)

The Tim Drake character from batman often appears to have a wider head compared to the others. Though, I think I have the head to wide right now.

If someone has a good comic pictures of the character in frontal or side view, please send me a link, I would appreciate it. =)

* - Teen through Elder enabled    ** - Child through Elder

*** - All ages enabled                     @ - Means read note bellow

All slider are for both gender


~Head and Ears locations~


  • Jaw Height Only (***)
  • Jawline Depth (***)


  • Neck Tilt (***)
  • Neck Width (***)
  • Face Width (***)

~Eyes location~


  • Brow Depth Center (***@)
  • Brow Depth Inner (***@)
  • Brow Depth Outer (***@)
  • Brow Height Center (***)
  • Brow Height Inner (***)
  • Brow Height Outer (***)
  • Brow Mid-thick (***@)
  • Brow Width Inner (***@)
  • Brow Width Outer (***@)
  • uneven eyebrow rotate (***)

~Nose location~


  • Nostril Curve (***)
  • uneven nose width (***)

~Mouth location~


  • Butt Mass (**@)
  • Chest Width (***)
  • Face Width (***)
  • Hip Width (***@)
  • Shoulder Bone Depth (***)
  • Shoulder Bone Thickness (***)
  • Shoulder Bone Twist (***)
  • Shoulder Bone Width (***)
  • Thigh Distance (*)
  • Thighs Off (*)

Pets (Cat’s and Dogs) Body locations

  • Body Thickness (***)



Hip width and Butt Mass I made for scratch. I didn’t want to look at the other player sliders in hopes to not create the issues that they had.

~Hip Width vs Hip Size (Jonha)

  • Hip Width only has small feet trembling on three male shoes and two children shoes vs. Hip size that has feet trembling on all shoes.

~Butt Mass Vs Butt Size (Jonha)

  • Added Children
  • no lower stomach moving

~Butt Mass Vs Butt Shape (Anderson.gsm)

  • No trembling feet


Slider Dump Download Link


  • Need a slider hack limit for more than 100 sliders in game? (link)
  • Mess any sliders I’ve made? There are 237 (link or link)
  • Want any mods I’ve created? (link)
  • Need maternity enabled defaults clothing? (link)
  • Wish for default of items and clothing? (link)
  • Fancy other cc things? (link)


Ookay so I’ve been tagged by a few people :) Thanks aroundthesimsmartinessimblr and spoonsthings


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My desktop changes on a timer thing so I have lots of Studio Ghibli ones on the current cycle :)

I uh…tag all of you. Seriously do itttt!

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"I uh…tag all of you. Seriously do itttt!"