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I just realize that I have now release 36 sliders and my first attempted at slider making was on Jan 14. That’s like… a slider a day. (O.o)

I must not have a life.(-_-)

And now its 82 sliders in 66 days.

I think I might be over slider making now.

But then again, I…

And now It’s 89. (-_-)

Quick throw (╯°□°)╯sliders ideas at me

maybe we can get it to 100!

And then I’ll shall be a true slider master and hopefully retire at the end of the week. 눈_눈

and now it’s 123 and I did not retire that week.

Oh well, but I believe I’m good now. (〜^∇^)〜

Lol and now it’s 210. Some sliders are just simple to make.。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Hiya. Is it possible to create a slider which widens the outer part of the upper eyelid? What I mean is, sliders which control the length of the eyebrow seem to distort this part of the eye. Is there a way to change the eye back or create an eyebrow slider which doesn't affect the eyes? Thank you.

Me make it? No, that would have to be a custom eyebrow slider that does that, my eyebrow width only starts distorting towards max used. You’ll have to ask someone else to make it for you, as I don’t have a 3d program thingy. =(

Ahmad's eyebrow thickness slider only works on windowed mode for me, for some reason. Could you make a slider to thicken or thin the whole eyebrow? Thanks in advance. Would it also be possible to make a slider which creates nose definition (indent) similar to ModernLover's nose mask but as a slider?

Closest I could do would be my nose tip width and Tip Width.

Ahmad’s eyebrow thickness slider will only work on some load because the Instance is off. I made a tutorial on how to fix that.

If you don’t want to fix that I made sliders for that, called uneven brow size (left) and uneven brow size (right). Yeah two sliders for it, but I fix the age issue, so now that child and toddler brows are not supper big.

Hello. I was wondering if there was anyway you could at a pregnancy morph to the Dragon Valley dresses and Tutor of Tudors store set dresses. I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Well with both of them, I’m not sure how the store items handle default replacements.Not really sure if that’s possibly for those items. At least with the way I do it.

I use TSR Workshop to added the morphs but I have problems getting any of the store items to show up in there. Not sure if it’s just my computer or TSR handles store items differently.

So sorry I won’t be able to make them.

REQ Eyelids sliders

  • All ages
  • located in Eyes—Eyelids

This basically does the same as Ahmad’s but without the iris moving.(comparison pic)


Download link for Eyelids Length

Download link for Eyelids_Width


Other Sliders