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Comparison shot of new slider versus Ahmad’s Eye Stretch and Eye Width

Any-who I got back and did more testing. I just need to fix the brows on the lower one and then double check the other age group.

  • The bottom one you’ll have to zoom in to notice that Ahmad’s one changes the eyeball shape. Where as mine dose very very little.


I’m so stupid I forgot about a different bondelta that also effects the eyeball. I could have avoided trying to fix the effects that was happening to the brows if I had just used that one instead. (T_T)>


I would think so. Although I believe it might be like EA default eye sliders. I’ll look into and tell you. =)


You’re a gem!


Well here’s the tested one. IDK… It’s moving the eyebrows so that will have to be counter.

Hi, how to download from you?? :)

You click the link in the post? (o.o)

I’ll need more info on what issue you’re having.The post, medfire, or deviantart page?

Could you please make uneven brow rotation slider?

No, sorry, I’m unable to do that. Here’s my list of can’t do’s.

All EPs Replica Hat Hiders

  • I like some of EA hats but hated the duplicates showing up. Too much, clutter. So I made this. If you want to remove hats completely from the game CAS, then use this one by jesslla.


  • This removes the 2nd and 3rd Icons.
  • All Eps (expect Into the Future because it wasn’t needed)
  • All Ages Included
  • This edits the CASP and will conflict with others that do so. However, this appears to work with Littlecat Re-textures, when both are in the override folder. (littlecat’s in main folder and mind in sub-folder)


Download Link (Separated by Expansions Packs)