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would you consider making a slider to make the philtral dimple/columns bigger or smaller?

There is a slider that effects the philtral. Middle Upper Lip Width.

This slider sorta effects that area too. Overlip Curve Slider.

To just effect the philtral and not the lip, you’ll need to ask someone who can use milkshape (3d program) and target that area of the face. This would be someone who has made geom based sliders.

I am unable to use the correct 3d program on my computer. Thus, I’m a bond-based slider maker. This means I don’t use a 3d program to find the bonddelta.

Sorry that I can’t help.

I went around and found clothing defaults that should work with all morphs (Thin/Fat/Fit).


Default Replacements Clothing List

By Miss Puff

By Prettyladybabies

By shokoninio

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Is there a way to make a slider that makes shoulders pointy, or just in general slider that will make spikes or stuff like that?

Um the only way I can think of would to make the shoulders very very long because it’ll look like a point. However, as for a small spike, like Death Kid in the anime, then no.The body part will have to be large. It may be possible to get one with the face if you do geom sliders.

No cc or mods above.

I wanted to look back at the differences in the games. Though, I forgot that it was raining in sims 2, but I think the lighting on a normal day would be nearly the same.(for the sim’s details)